Hustler Hall Rental

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Hustler Exhibit Hall Policy

Rental Fees:

A. Hall       $150.00

B. Deposit   $75.00


A deposit of $75.00 (resident & nonresident) is required. The deposit will be returned in the event that the renter has accomplished all janitorial services and upon inspection by the Village janitor, the hall has been cleaned to their satisfaction and there have been no damages in which repairs are necessary.


Section 56.054 of the State Statutes prohibits selling, bantering, exchanging, offering for sale, or trafficking in fermented beverages without a license

Users of the halt shall inform the Clerk if alcoholic beverages will be served during the rental period

Users shall be informed that no fermented beverages or intoxicating liquors shall be sold, dispensed, given away, or furnished to any person under the current legal drinking age or to any person intoxicated or bordering on intoxication


Section 945.04 of the State Statutes provides a penalty for permitting premises to be used for unlicensed gambling. Unlicensed gambling will not be permitted in the Exhibit Hall by anyone


When the hall is being used for other than strictly Village functions, the Village will not be held liable for damages or claims of any nature which result in use of the Exhibit Hall. Therefore, all users of the hall must provide their own liability insurance


Smoking in the Hustler Exhibit Halt is prohibited per ordinance. Please make sure any smoking is done outside the hall premises.

Hustler Exhibit Hall Rental Agreement

Rental agreement made and entered into this ___________________day of______________ by and between the Village of Hustler hereinafter

called the landlord and ________________________________hereinafter called the tenant:

Witness, the parties hereto for the consideration hereinafter mentioned covenant and agree as follows:

1. The landlord rents to the tenant the Exhibit Hall, which includes the hall, bathrooms, and kitchen to be used for______________________

2. The period of the rental agreement shall be:__

3. The tenant shall not assign this rental agreement in any event and shall not sub rent said premises and will not permit the use of said premises by anyone other than the tenant and the agents and servants of the tenant without written consent of the landlord.

4. The tenant's fees for this rental agreement shall be paid to the Village Clerk, which consists of the following:

A. Rental Fee of $150.00

B. Security Deposit of $75.00

5. At the expiration of the rental period, the landlord shall make cleaning and damage assessments of the premises to determine the lack of cleaning or extent of damage, if any, and notify tenant of the cleaning or repair costs, said costs to be deducted from security deposit shall be returned after the next monthly Village Board meeting. In the event that cleaning charges or damages are in excess of security deposit, tenant shall be billed for the balance.

6. The tenant does hereby covenant, promise and agree to duly carry out the various obligations and duties imposed upon them at the time and in the manner called for by this rental agreement.

7. The tenant agrees and understands that the Village of Hustler, its residents, and the Village Board members are not liable for any damages, personal or otherwise, suffered as the result of the use f the Exhibit Hall by the tenant

In witness whereof, the parties hereto have hereunto subscribed their names as of the date written below.


(Date) __________________________________

(Tenant) ________________________________________


Date of Deposit Payment: ____________________

Amount: $______________________

Date of Rental Payment: _____________________

Amount: $______________________

Date of Hall Inspection: _____________________

Date of Refund of Deposit: ___________________

Name of Tenant: ___________________________________________________


Home Phone: _____________________________

Cell: _____________________________

E-Mail: _____________________________________________________