Peddle Pull

 Peddle Pull At Your Event!

Please list the date, time and point of contact both phone & e-mail. When you would like the event to start.

The Hustler booster club is happy that you are interested in booking our kids pedal pull equipment for your event. All kids look forward to taking part in this event.

HUSTLER BOOSTER CLUBS RESPONSIBILITY. We will arrive approximately 1 hour before the pull starts to set up the equipment. We will bring the tractors, eliminator, tape measure, duct tape, rope and stands to keep the crowd back, papers for sign up and for recording distance. We will also come with 2 people to run the tractor pull.

YOUR RESPONSIBILITY-FAIR OR FESTIVAL- Provide I or 2 people to sign up kids, provide prizes or awards, collect money if you are charging, provide table and chair for sign up, optional would be a P.A. system (or let us know and we could bring ours), and bleachers on the side for the crowd.

We charge $250.00 for our services for the day. Prompt payment within 10 day of the event is expected. Thank you for your business.

Please keep a copy for your records and sign the other and send back to us. Thank You.

We offer 5 classes:
3 and under
4-5 year olds
6-7 year olds
8-9 year olds
10-11 year olds

Donna Bradley
N6863 Batko Road
Camp Douglas, WI 54618
(608) 427-6583
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This years event schedule

Monroe County Fair- Recreation Park, Tomah- July 28th, 2019 1 PM
Juneau County Fair- Mauston- Ganther Building- Aug 16, 2019 6 PM
HUSTLERFEST- Tractor Pull Area- Hustler Aug 24, 2019 1:30 PM
Cashton Fall Fest- Cashton Village Park- Sept 7, 2019 2 PM
Cliffton Sportsman Club- Tractor Pull Area- Sept 14, 2019 4 PM
More info to come soon...
Lyndon Station Fest
Oakdale Electric Appreciation Day