Hustlerfest Tractor Pull Rules
Hustler, WI

HTPA Farm Special and Hot Farm Class Rules

Upon entering grounds, please weigh in, register and get in line for DYNO (as needed) right away!!! Thanks!


  1. Stock-core injection pump
  2. 3000 RPM maximum
  3. Working PTO
  4. No engine slide shields
  5. Air shut-off
  6. Factory Fueled
  7. Dead man’s throttle
  8. Wheelie bars
  9. Verification of cubic inch limit-pump test or teardown charge paid to HTPA by a participating puller

All tractors in special classes subject to cubic inch pump test or teardown

  • All tractors subject to inspecting, this includes hot farm.
  • Maximum RPM’s limited to no-load PTO RPM’s according to M&W sheets
  • 3000 maximum RPM’s
  • All contestants “placing” in classes will be dyno’d, re-weighed, drawbar re-checked or PRM’s checked when applicable.
  • After pulling, all tractors must wait in holding area. Any tractor leaving this area without judge’s clearance will be automatically disqualified. No excuses!
  1. The Harrisville Tractor Pull Committee reserves the right to reject or disqualify any entry. The judge’s decision is final. Any arguing will result in disqualification.
  2. Farm classes apply to tractors that are used for farm work on the farm on a routine basis. Any tractor not qualified for farm classes must pull in “Special”, “Hot Farm” or “Open Classes”
  3. Farm class tractors must be farmer-owned and farmer-driven and equipped with a working PTO, fenders and fan. Drivers must remain seated during the pull. No jerks allowed!
  4. No cut tires allowed except in the “open” classes.
  5. All weights must be safely and securely fastened to tractor, anything falling off results in disqualification.
  6. Front wheel of tractor must not rise to an unsafe height according to judge’s discretion.
  7. Maximum drawbar height is 20”. Pinhole minimum is 18” from center of axle. Anyone pulling a tractor with a 3-point hitch will be disqualified if drawbar rises or changes position after start of pull. Drawbar must be accessible. Puller must furnish own twisted clevis or puller’s eye to accept eliminator hook or no hook. (Minimum 3” hole and no straight clevis) Pulling point can be no more than 1.5’ from back edge of hitching device. All contestants enter at their own risk and will sign a waiver. Anyone under 18 must show a tractor safety certificate and have a consent form signed by parent/guardian.
  8. Tractor must stay within boundaries or will be disqualified.
  9. Stock configuration of tractor required.
  10. We also encourage other safety equipment such as roll bars, safety belts, shut-offs and dead man’s throttle in classes where they are not “required”

Any questions, contact Dave Weishaar, 608-369-1051