TRACTOR PULL FOR 2022 has been CANCELLED due to Rain.

Come on out and still enjoy an AMAZING chicken dinner in the exhibit hall. (Red Building)

Direct link to Facebook Event for this year.

Direct link to Facebook Volleyball Event for this year.

Here are some activities we will have this year or have had in past years. NOT all events are listed here.

Gravity Basketball!

Gravity Basketball is a new addition to Hustlerfest and a fun one. It is a free activity unless we are holding special little contest, which we may do throughout the day to add some fun. The activity will be set up the whole day. Come on out and try it out and have some fun!

Back Seat Driver Contest

$1 per person. ($2.00 per team)

Driver is blindfolded and and the passenger in the wagon behind has to tell the drive where to turn on the obstacle course. 

Each cone you hit adds 10 seconds to your final time. 


To get the least time of the day.

It is 100% Payback to the top 3 teams.

Cake Walk

Hosted by the Orange Mills 4-H Club.

25 Cents per round.

The chairs are placed in a circle with numbers on them. When the music starts you walk in a circle (Like musical chairs). When the music stops you sit. If you number get drawn you win the dessert of that round.


A tractor pull done with lawn tractors. 

For more information go to


BBQ Chicken Dinner

Provided by the Hustler Booster Club

$10.00 a plate. 

Half a chicken, potato salad, baked beans, dinner roll, pickles, cookies, coffee, and milk.

The BBQ chicken made right here at the Hustlerfest grounds on our own BBQ pit.

Served by all the nice little ladies in town. 

Kids Pedal Pull

FREE to kids ages 11 and under.

Kids 3 and under are on a small pedal tractor pulling a small eliminator, even if they can not reach the pedals we would love for them to have a tiny ride and get a photo. They will still go at least 10 feet.

The children's ages are group in to classes of every 2 years. 

The top 3 winners of each class will each receive a medal.

For more information check out our Pedal Pull page HERE

Big Tractor Pull

Sit back on the bleachers and visit with your family and friends while watching while watching tractors roar down the track. 

If you need ear plug stop by the Grain Bin and purchase a pair.

$20 a class per tractor or truck.

For other information check out the Tractor Pull page HERE.


Corn Hole Tournament

Check main schedule for details

Bring your own partner.

$20.00 Per team.

Race to two with the bust rule.

Log Sawing

$1 per person ($2 per team) Per try.

Everyone is welcome to come try an old fashion 2 man cross cut saw. 

The event is timed. The top 3 winners of each category split money for that category. 

Categories are Men's, Women's, Couples, and juniors.


Tournament will be held near the exhibit hall on the Hustlerfest grounds.
6 man/ woman Competitive Co-Ed Power (3 guy/ 3 girl)
$50 Entry Fee per team
100% Payout
No Alcohol or Food carry ins!!
Each team will play every team one game. Top 4 teams will get put into a double elimination bracket.
12 Team Limit.

For any questions
Message Brent Marin, or our Facebook page has a VOLLEYBALL event or call or text Brent Marin at 608-548-5430

Direct link to Facebook Event for this year.

Direct link to Facebook Volleyball Event for this year.

Past Events


  • Chicken Throwing Contest
  • Bail Throwing
  • Nail Pounding
  • Parade
  • Pie Eating
  • Cracker Whistling
  • Hog Scramble
  • Pickled Pigs Feet Bob
  • Mini Rods
  • Face Painting
  • Bed Race
  • Paint Night
  • Motorcycle Ride
  • 5K- Run Through The Mud
  • Bike Race
  • Quilt Auction
  • Craft Fair
  • Supercross
  • Tug A War
  • Inflatables