Hustler Exhibit Hall 

The village took over what used to be an Amish cheese factory in 2008.

The Hustler Booster Club & Village of Hustler take care of the building together. 

Volunteers of the Hustler Booster Club clean, and maintains the building.

How To Rent

$200 to rent and $75.00 deposit. 

The hall is used for weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, funerals, fundraising events, auctions, and Hustlerfest.

CONTACT: Dean and Joyce Duescher at 608-427-6575.

To sure you get your full security deposit back

  • Sweep the floors
  • Take the trash to the dumpster
  • Wipe off tables and counters
  • Please make sure all decorations are removed including any tape on the walls.

Hustler Museum

The Hustler Museum is full of artifacts from the Hustler area and people who have lived in Hustler.

As well as the creamery